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Authors: Julie Abiecunas

Thought you'd never like music with any sort of a country twang? Then you haven't heard Back Porch Mary. The group's music is what any good southern rock-a-billy band should be – full of lots of banjo and lyrics about getting drunk, getting women and the occasional trip to the slammer.

Founded 10 years ago by front man Mike Krug, Back Porch Mary got its start in Texas and has since spread its sound all over the South and West. Through the help of its street team, its own hard work and relentless touring, Back Porch Mary has been able to build a reputable name for itself in the indie music business.

The group's last CD, "Honest Hands," released in 2004, has sold more than 5,000 copies. Back Porch Mary fans who haven't heard the band's newest CD may be shocked to hear the vast change Back Porch Mary has made in its sound.

While the first album relied on electric guitar and a more punk-rock sound, the group's newest release is strictly acoustic and is much more lyrically based than the first release. While its sound may have changed, Back Porch Mary retains their ability to appeal to a wide array of fans and to play a rockin' show, be it a full-band performance or a simple acoustic show. The band's sound combines just the right blend of punk, country and rock-a-billy to come out with music that is both unique and pleasing to the ear.

Back Porch Mary's eclectic sound allows it to draw on fans from all walks of life, be it college students, blue-collar workers, white-collar workers, punk kids or preppy kids. Back Porch Mary's light-hearted sound can appeal to anyone. With lyrics like "How many biscuits can you eat this evening; make it 49 with a pound of meat," Back Porch Mary can turn any southern topic into a catchy tune.

Overall, Back Porch Mary is a good band to add to a CD collection and to kick back and listen to while unwinding, having a little fun and maybe eating a few biscuits, too.

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