To the Editor,

Feb 012005


In the ring of light cast by an American soldier's flashlight stands a little girl, her face expressing grief and horror no one of her tender years should have to feel. The picture, which appears on the front page of the Fort Collins Weekly for Jan. 26 to Feb. 1, illustrates powerfully the insanity being played out in Iraq.

There is blood on the little girl's face and hands, and on the boot of the soldier holding the rifle-mounted flashlight – blood the same color as the flowers that decorate her dress. A few minutes before the picture was taken, the little girl was riding with her family in a car that approached a foot patrol in Tal Afar. It will never be known what the little girl's father thought as the warning shots were fired, since the succeeding rounds tore apart the car and his and her mother's bodies.

Someday, if this little girl survives Iraq's "liberation,' she may learn all the reasons why our soldiers were on that Tal Afar street with the guns and bullets which – God forgive me – my tax dollars helped pay for. Maybe some day the blessings of democracy will heal the pain of her terrible loss. Maybe. But I doubt it. May God forgive us all.

Reverend Russ Jones

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