Feb 012005
Authors: Paul Baker

Shaun White showed again Saturday in Aspen why he has won every major competition out there, as he again won the Men's Snowboard Slopestyle for the third year in a row.

White, coined by his peers as the "Flying Tomato" for his long red hair, spun and grinded his way past the likes of Danny Kass, Travis Rice and Todd Richards to win his sixth X Games gold medal.

As the top qualifier from the prelims, White threw down a flawless run with tricks like a frontside 540, backside 720 and a cab 900, the contest was over as fast as it started as White laid down a score of 93.

"He spins and lands. He's got all the PlayStation cheat codes programmed into his head, so he's got it in the bag," Kass said in an interview on expn.com.



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