Feb 012005
Authors: Scott Bondy

Although event favorite Shaun White was not on the winners' podium at the end of the night, the Men's Superpipe was as exciting as ever.

Danny Kass, of the United States, in his third run of the night, threw together an unbelievable run, landing two 1080s along with an arsenal of other tricks.

Unfortunately for Kass, those two riders may have had the best runs of their careers. First, Antti Autti, of Finland, came out huge and matched Kass' 1080s while throwing in a nose grab on one of them. He continued with a flawless run that consisted of two 900s and two 720s and drew a score of 93.00, good enough to win the gold.

"I've done two 1080s in one run, but never back-to-back, so I was pretty stoked about that," Autti said on expn.com. "I knew coming into this contest that I would need that kind of combo for sure. I'm super stoked that I landed it for the first time."

Kass took the silver and Andy Finch took third to knock White out of medal contention.

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