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Authors: Clarke Reader

Thursday, February 3rd

Crow/Tremblay Alumni Reader Sandra Meek (poetry)

7:30 pm Hatton Gallery

Thursday, February 17th

MFA Reading

Judea Franck (fiction)

Juliette J. Guilmette (fiction)

Stephanie Stickney (fiction)

7:30 pm Hatton Gallery

February 24th

Rusty Morrison

Winner of the 2004 Colorado Prize for Poetry

7:30 pm Hatton Gallery

March 24th

Eleni Sikelianos (poetry) and Laird Hunt (fiction)

7:30 pm

Visual Arts Building., Room F101 (directly across from the Hatton Gallery)

April 7th

Ron Carlson (fiction)

7:30 pm

Visual Arts Building., Room F101 (directly across from the Hatton Gallery)

Thursday, April 28th

MFA Reading

Jenna McWilliams (poetry)

Marcus Aurelius Pickett (fiction)

Katie Arnsteen (fiction)

Natural Resources Building, Room 113

With the Spring Semester just beginning, CSU's Creative Writing Department is starting the Spring Reading Series, the follow-up to the successful reading series that took place last fall.

"The Fall series was a great success," wrote Judea Franck, administrative assistant to the Creative Writing Program, in an e-mail interview. "All the readings were very well attended by CSU students (graduate and undergraduate), faculty, staff and Fort Collins

community members."

Some of the highlights from last semester include the Writers Harvest in November that gave donations to the Turning Point for Youth and Family Development, Crossroads Safe House and Larimer County Food Bank and the re-introduction of the Four-by-Four Series, which hosted writers from the only four surrounding schools that offer advanced degree programs in Creative Writing: CSU, CU, DU and Naropa, according to Franck.

The series invites not only well-known authors of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, but also features readings by members of the faculty and third year Masters of Fine Arts students.

In addition to getting to hear authors read their works, book signings and question and answer sessions often follow the readings.

"There is nothing like seeing writers that you have admired and adored suddenly alive and in front of you," wrote Frank. "Writers usually offer a Q and A session and are very easy to approach, so this is also an opportunity to meet a person in the flesh."

The new series offers many readings by prominent authors and a chance for MFA students to showcase some of their work.

"I'm actually giving a reading this spring as part of the Reading Series, so the opportunity to stand in front of an audience and read the work I've been developing over the last few years is exciting," wrote Jenna McWilliams, a third year MFA, in an e-mail interview.

Students in creative writing classes are required to attend two of the readings.

"We have to go to two of the readings and write a reaction on how you felt," said Phillip Loeb, a freshmen technical journalism major. "I hope to get an idea on how a writer portrays their work through his/her own voice."

The series' goal, however, is not simply to exhibit the work done by students, but to immerse the Fort Collins community in contemporary literature.

"The most important thing (or at least what I think should be the most important thing) about the Reading Series is exposing contemporary literature to a more general, less initiated community," wrote Marcus Pickett, a third year MFA, in an e-mail interview. "The success of the Reading Series depends more on its connection to the community than, say, glorifying the MFA Program."

The ability of the readings to inspire is running high among the participants.

In an e-mail interview, Stephanie Stickney wrote "I hope they (audiences) come away from these readings inspired both to give their own writing more time and to consider participating in a reading."

Some upcoming events include a poetry reading in the Hutton Gallery on Thursday and there will be a three MFA students will be hosting a reading on Feb. 17.

Whether a fan of writing, or just someone who wants to have a good time on campus, the Spring Reading Series offers something for everyone.

"Look, you want to spend five bucks to go to a reading, then you go to Bas Bleu," wrote Pickett. "But for the same quality of writers, why not come on campus and take advantage of the university's programming?"



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