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Feb 012005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

President Bush has come to a monumental fork in the road.

The first democratic voting in Iraq in about half a century is just one of the many landmark events in Bush's tenure as president. However, Bush's work is far from over.

After the controversial war and his narrow reelection as president, President Bush has some major work to do in order to gain some approval in the United States and worldwide

The perfect opportunity for Bush to make a better name for himself will be tonight in the State of the Union Address. This speech has the opportunity to put any unresolved questions the nation may have about his presidency to a stop, or further confuse and/or frustrate much of this polarized nation.

Bush needs to keep his eye on the prize tonight.

He needs to address the real, important issues facing our country, including Social Security, U.S. involvement in Iraq and the economy.

What he doesn't need to address is the lesser issues that only distract us and complicate things, issues such as gay marriage, abstinence-only education and drug testing in our schools, all of which were covered in last year's State of the Union.

We don't need any red herrings this year. These issues are important, but their importance pales in comparison to the aforementioned key issues.

The nation deserves straight talk about the crucial issues this year.

And can we keep the clapping to a minimum please?

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