Feb 012005
Authors: Paul Baker, Scott Bondy

Tanner Hall tried to do something Sunday that no one in X Games history has ever done: win a competition four years in a row.

In a field of 20 in the Skier Slopestyle on Sunday, Hall's taks was not an easy one.

Hall watched anxiously at the bottom of the hill as he finished his final run, scoring a 91, but still to come was top qualifier from the prelims, Charles Gagnier.

Gagnier, who fell on his first run while trying a 1080 on the final showcase jump, was the last one with a chance to defeat Tanner. With a run that will rival the best runs ever by a skier, Gagnier "the Human Top" landed every trick smoothly and stylishly with tricks such as a fakie 1080, fakie cork 720 and a switch 900 to take the gold medal with a score of 92.66.

The big move of the day was by CR Johnson, who moved up from 10th place to fifth place in his final run, throwing a bio 1080 and a switch 1080 in his run.


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