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Jan 312005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Dear. Dr. Penley:

Things changed on Sept. 5.

As the body of a CSU student was found that day, the harsh reality of alcohol abuse on the campus of CSU came full-fold. In an effort to avoid similar future incidents, you formed an Alcohol Task Force to examine the use of alcohol at CSU. Today, that task force will present to you the findings of its inquiry.

This has been a long time coming. Many people have contributed many hours to investigating various aspects of CSU's "alcohol culture" and their time cannot be for naught. It is essential that you — although you have the final say over everything the task force discussed — make sure you take everyone's input into consideration.

Some of the topics you decide upon will have a profound effect on life at CSU and possibly throughout the state. You must realize and take this into account.

Throughout all of this, the most focused topic has been Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium and the sale of beer during home football games. This is the issue that most people care about, as evidenced by the overwhelming community response to the temporary alcohol ban last season. This will be the issue that people remember, but it's important that you take every other recommendation just as seriously. Things like the "safe-haven drinking bill," expanding alcohol-awareness programs and examining local alcohol retailers' drink promotions are all important topics that should be given your full attention.

Just remember, your reaction to the task force's recommendation will be remembered not just for its possible effects on CSU but also for its ability/inability to prevent future tragedies.


Collegian Editorial Staff

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