To the editors:

Jan 302005

We are writing in response to an editorial cartoon, which ran in the Collegian on January 20. The cartoon depicted rush week and suggested that Greek life is elitist and racist, two assumptions that cannot be further from the truth.

The members of Greek Life at CSU have long fought to break down the perpetuating stereotypes surrounding fraternity and sorority involvement. The cartoon that appeared last week was another example of these stereotypes being publicized without any ties to the truth.

We realize the cartoon ran in the opinion section of the newspaper, but here are some facts about Greek Life that you may be unaware of. More than 1,600 men and women make up fraternities and sororities at Colorado State. Greek Life at CSU includes 37 chapters that do not discriminate based on race, religion and/or ethnicity. We have several chapters that celebrate the African-American or Latino heritage as part of their founding values. It is in poor taste to lump a diverse group of 37 organizations together and lump them into one stereotype.

The Greek community is not exclusive or racist, as your editorial cartoon suggests. Please have consideration not only for the Greek men and women of this campus who read your publication, but also for Greeks everywhere, who continuously have to fight the negative stereotypes that are ubiquitous in the media.

Sheehan Meagher & Katie Birkel

Vice Presidents of Public Relations for Greek Life


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