To the editor:

Jan 302005

Give me a break!

I am dumbfounded by this newspaper's lack of a student voice. The notion that a rock on the side of I-25 will strengthen the city-university bond is ludicrous. CSU may be the largest employer in town, but that is far from saying we have a great relationship.

After riots, alcohol-related deaths and the housing issues, I am appalled to hear the city manager claim he is proud of CSU. The claim that the three-unrelated law is not a direct attack on students is a lie because any reason to support the ordinance is to organize the community in response to the charges and grievances levied against drunk and disorderly students. While there certainly are some objectionable student actions, splitting up residences will do nothing. Neither the number of students nor the propensity to drink and party will change if this battle is lost. I do believe and I do have faith that CSU can have an awesome relationship with the city, but only if this three-unrelated law is dropped and we all understand our commitments as Fort Collins community members.

I can stand up and say I'm proud to be a RAM, but putting up a rock doesn't give the city manager that right.


Christopher Latham


Accounting & Finance

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To the Editor,

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Jan 302005


I've heard many rumors concerning the status of drinking at football games in the 2005 football season. Among these is a recommendation by the Alcohol Task Force to ban beer sales inside the stadium and also to ban alcohol in the tailgating area around Hughes Stadium. While I understand that the death of Samantha Spady was a tragic loss of life and that something has to be done in its wake, I fail to draw the parallel between underage binge drinking and drinking at a CSU tailgater.

Many people who tailgate before CSU football games choose to enjoy some alcoholic drinks in a totally responsible manner while barbecuing and gearing up for a Rams football game. Why should their ability to do so be infringed upon because of the irresponsible acts of an underage student drinker? The issue here is underage drinking, not drinking on the whole. Prohibition didn't work in the 1920s and it won't work now.

Nathan Robertson

Senior Computer Science Major

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