Jan 302005
Authors: Ryan Skeels

Dakota Fanning is by far the creepiest little girl in existence, not to mention one of the best child actresses to ever hit the motion-picture world.

She is, by far, much creepier than that kid in "The Sixth Sense" could ever be, hands down. Give her the "most-underrated-and-underemployed-actress-of-the-year" award.

In "Hide and Seek," Fanning stars as Emily Calloway, a girl who has had a problematic childhood ever since she saw her mother commit suicide in their bathtub. Her father, David, played by Robert DeNiro, is worried about her and decides it would be best to move out of the city and into a rural area.

Without any girls her age to play with, Emily creates one of her own, an imaginary friend named Charlie. Charlie seems to be nice enough of a friend for the most part, that is until he starts lighting candles in the bathroom and writing on the walls with blood.

Director John Polson has not made anything close to award winning, and this certainly won't do it for him. He did manage to make a really eerie movie with some extremely creepy parts, but there was just something bothersome about the whole deal. There is a pretty unexpected plot turn that starts to make it interesting, but it happens in the middle of the flick and doesn't lead up to anything very exciting.

Polson does a great job for the first half of the movie though. He built it up wonderfully, keeping audience members on edge with their hands over their eyes, and then it's as if he just ran out of motivation as the second half begins to drag its heels.

The acting was, of course, expectedly good, but then again, how could it not be with Fanning and DeNiro at the helm. Famke Janssen, Jean Grey from "X-Men," graces the screen as Emily's doctor Katherine. No, the acting was not what this movie was lacking; it was the easy-way-out plot. There are so many movies with so much potential, and it feels like the director just didn't want to put forth any extra effort. It's so tiring to see movies where every character is suspicious and every action leads to thinking someone else is guilty. "Hide and Seek" is no different.

Go see "Hide and Seek" for a creepy good first half of the movie, and a disappointingly tired movie ending. Fanning for president '05!

2 out of 4 ram heads.

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