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Jan 272005
Authors: Scott Bondy, Paul Baker

Topic 1: Denver's Nugg-puppies have decided to turn things in the right direction by hiring coach George Karl. Karl will start Friday and face his former team, the Milwaukee Bucks. Is Karl the answer to Denver's disappointing start?

Baker: No. Jeff Bzdelik just needed more time to get the team chemistry flowing. He showed what a good coach he was last year.

Bondy: Are you kidding me? The Nuggets are probably the second biggest disappointment this season behind the T'Wolves. The puppies should be at least 10 games over .500.

Baker: It's true they're not doing as well as they should, but other factors are involved. All the hustle players, including Jon Barry, Ryan Bowen and Chris Anderson, got the boot.

Bondy: Carmelo Anthony is having a sub-par year and definitely needs to turn things around soon. George Karl took Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp and made them better. Maybe he can do the same in Denver.

Topic 2: Baseball doesn't start for a few months but off-season acquisitions are heating up sports news. Carlos Delgado just signed a fat contract with the Marlins (probably doesn't care about winning) but which team will be most improved from last year?

Bondy: The Mariners did a great job in signing Adrian Beltre, Richie Sexon and pitcher Aaron Sele.

Baker: Yeah they did, but the Mets acquired one of the league's top-five hitters and pitchers in the league in Adrian Beltran and Pedro Martinez, respectively.

Bondy: Both teams should make the playoffs.

Baker: If they don't, that's a lot of money that they wasted.

Bondy: Pedro will find a new daddy this season.

Topic 3: Question and Answer Lightning Round

Baker: What gets more attention, T.O.'s leg or the hockey strike?

Bondy: Both get way too much. But T.O. gets about as much as a natural disaster.

Baker: What is the best mascot in college sports?

Bondy: Obviously CAM the Ram. Have you seen his "package"? No one can mess with that.

Topic 4: We can't believe it either, but when talking about the NBA these days, you can't leave out the Phoenix Suns. The last time the Suns got this much attention, an overweight loud mouth, Charles Barkley, played. (Don't get us wrong, we love the guy.) But the Suns have scored an unbelievable 254 points in two games. Are the Suns for real and how far can they go in the playoffs?

Bondy: As far as Steve Nash can take them. Without him they exit early in the playoffs.

Baker: Without Nash, the Suns went 0-6.

Bondy: Their games are exciting because it shows glimpses of how the NBA used to be when both teams consistently scored more than 100 points.

Baker: But they do it in a different way. There are few jump shots but about 5 billion dunks by Stoudemire.

Bondy: No matter what, Phoenix can't win a series with the Kings or the Spurs.

Baker: They'll probably get a No. 2 seed so that should take them to the Western Conference Finals.

Closing statements and words to the wise:

Baker: Duke lost on a fluke the other night to Maryland. Duke's NOT overrated.

Bondy: Dickie V doesn't think so, but what does he know?

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