Jan 262005
Authors: Andrew Nuth

Fishbone filled up a little more than half of the Aggie Theater, 204 S. College Ave., Monday night and there was more than enough energy in the hall for a sold-out show. Fishbone has been playing concerts and clubs since 1979 put their first record out in the mid-80s.

The band has a spirited mix of metal, funk, jazz and high-speed ska that has given it a large following, but never mainstream recognition.

The night started out slowly, the energy climbing most of the time. P-Nuckle played its punk-infused ska first, to a small but steadily growing crowd. Soon The Expendables took the stage, and played an hour worth of their reggae metal. The Expendables impressed and confused the crowd, at times sounding like 311 and then moving into '80s metal guitar rock segments.

At last, at 11 p.m. Angelo Moore of Fishbone walked on stage and began reciting a poem featuring Nate Procrasto, the man who was always late, and his encounter with Tina On-Time. During the approximately 10-minute poem the members of the band slowly came onto the stage and added music, until a full-fledged song began.

Soon Fishbone had everyone moving to the song "Party at Ground Zero", and continued to keep the audience on its toes and excited about the show for the next few hours. A song about face planting while snowboarding was a hit with the crowd, as was "Ma and Pa," a Fishbone classic.

Seeing Fishbone perform is something that every live-music lover should do. The show was energetic, with the band and audience members alike dancing the entire time. The members of Fishbone are wonderful musicians and amazing performers, the band's electric personalities made the music only a part of the show. Watching Moore perform is worthy of a concert in itself. Not only are his vocal and saxophone skills amazing, his dancing inspired the crowd, keeping the energy level of the Aggie high.

Some of the band members have changed since they first came out, but all of the energy and excitement is still in their music. Seeing them in person may convince you that Fishbone only gets better with age. Fishbone continues to wow crowds, bringing back the days of Funk in their eclectic, metal filled way, and putting on star worth performances.

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