Jan 252005
Authors: Laura Epple

Vital Stats

Name: Elizabeth Ann Kramer

Height: 5' 7"

Position: Guard

Year in School: Sophomore

Fun, random fact: Inducted into the Biddy Basketball Hall of Fame

Pictures can only capture a scene in two dimensions, but they are still worth a thousand words. Sophomore guard Liz Kramer is a photographer in her sparse amount of spare time. A snapshot of her life reveals an appreciation for detail, an intense commitment to her life as a student athlete and a modest character despite years of overachievement on and off the court.

Kramer started her athletic career as a four-sport athlete for Maize High School in Maize, Kan. She left her imprint indelibly etched in school archives by breaking four track records and accumulating all sorts of accolades in basketball, cross country and tennis. She also maintained a 3.93 grade point average along the way and was president of the National Honor Society.

Kramer then focused her energies on basketball at Cloud County Community College in Concordia, Kan. There she served as team captain and ranked among conference leaders in 3-point field goal percentage and total 3-pointers made.

Kramer has continued her sharp shooting at CSU, where she is posting a 37.9 percent average from downtown. This is despite the fact that she has a self-proclaimed propensity to be less than graceful on the court sometimes.

"I've tripped so many times that I can't even remember. I'm just falling all the time," Kramer said.

Her most interesting battle scar was not a product of one of these episodes, however. Pointing to an impressive gash along her shin, Kramer explained her off-the-court mark.

"My most recent one is pretty good – I just did it shaving," Kramer said.

Being a student-athlete does not allow much free time, but Kramer likes to play the guitar when she has a chance.

"It's not a talent, but it is something I like to do," Kramer said.

She also enjoys listening to music by Bush, O.A.R. and John Mayer. Bush's "Letting the Cables Sleep" is her favorite tune, and "Ghost" is her favorite movie.

Kramer said that the time commitment is the biggest drawback to being a student-athlete because she does not get to see her family much. However, she believes this can also be an asset to college life.

"With as much time as it takes, it is nice to have the structure," Kramer said. "If I had tons of time, I wouldn't fit it all in as well and make homework and class priorities."

So far, it appears that Kramer has zoomed in on her goals. Although life after CSU may just be an image lost in the negatives, right now, unlike many students, she has a pretty sharp image of her future plans. Kramer is majoring in health and exercise science and sports medicine and wants to eventually go to medical school. However, for Kramer, there are still a lot of shots to be taken, on and off the court.

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