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Jan 252005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

If a proposed bill in the state legislation passed a year ago maybe not all seven Colorado students would have died alcohol-related deaths.

This bill, proposed by Democratic state representative Angie Paccione and referred to as the "Safe Haven Drinking Law," would provide friends of intoxicated individuals immunity from legal prosecution for underage drinking when seeking help.

There is no reason this law should not pass. It will protect students and other minors from dying.

Many students may not call authorities or seek medical attention for their intoxicated friends out of fear of citations, fines and possible community service. This bill would alleviate that fear.

While the law would not protect against drunk driving or vandalism while under the influence of alcohol it would save lives. This law should pass and should be widely advertised in bars, residence halls and throughout the community.

The more people know about the law, if passed, the less apprehensive individuals will be when they make the decision to seek help for a friend whose life may depend on it.

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