To the Editor:

Jan 242005

Isn't this world politically correct enough? Being the Christian that I am, why should I have to give up my freedoms for someone else who feels uncomfortable seeing a nativity scene on Christmas. What's the difference from putting a Jewish star out on your window or placing a Buddha on your porch? There is no difference! Liberals should learn by now that the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause were meant to protect Christian rights, not destroy them. The words "separation of church and state" are used way too much for persecuting Christian beliefs. Any Christian has dealt with harassment, but it's getting worse. Hollywood can pretty much brainwash anybody's mind and portray Christians as eager and violent Bible-thumping idiots. What the media "forget" to show you are the violent atrocities committed against Christians by militant Muslims. There is a fine line between being "polite" and politically correct about religious matters; liberals have crossed that line and built the United Nations on it. Here is the thing: What most textbooks wouldn't teach you is that our country was founded on Christianity. Who do you think the pilgrims were praying to on Thanksgiving? The truth is, in today's liberal propaganda lies, society is led to believe that Christians are evil (funny how that works). To me, being politically correct is just another way of following the crowd and avoiding beliefs that will make you a better person. Oh yeah, Democrats, Bush won. Take down the Kerry signs!

Dan Nifong

Freshman psychology major

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