Jan 232005
Authors: Ryan Skeels

"Are we there yet?" is probably director Brian Levant's best movie yet. That's not saying too much though since his best includes "Jingle All the Way" and "Snowdogs." And if you're sitting there saying to yourself "hmmm, 'Snowdogs,' that sounds interesting," take it back, take it back now.

The story stars Ice Cube, as Nick Persons, an old baseball player who has opened a sports collectible shop in his retirement. Across the street from his store works Suzanne Kingston, a business woman played by the beautiful Nia Long. Now, being the single man he is, Persons takes notice and thus begins his hunt for Kingston's company. There's only one thing in the way though, Kingston is a divorcee with two kids, and they'll stop at nothing to make sure no man comes anywhere near their momma. At first Persons is okay with it because he hates kids and if a woman has children it's a sure sign to stay away. Eventually, as all men know, their urges get the best of them and they're willing to struggle to get the woman of their dreams.

He eventually starts dating her and successfully avoids all confrontation with the kids. Things are going smoothly, that is, until he's forced to take a road trip with them up to Vancouver. This is also the point of the movie that starts to get a bit ridiculous and seems to follow in the footsteps of every descent children's movie out there. The movie is stuffed full of "Home Alone" and "Problem Child" style pranks and mishaps and starts to define the word 'predictable.'

Ice Cube puts on a strong performance throughout the movie, along with Long. The kids on the other hand seemed to be without emotion and were tough to believe at times. When it is just the kids in the scene the dialogue seems especially rushed and awkward. Other than the kids' acting, the amount of clich/ child's pranks and the predictability of the plot, it was a rather entertaining movie.

The things that really make the movie hilarious are Ice Cube, Ice Cube in a children's movie and Ice Cube riding a horse in a children's movie. If your new year's resolution for 2005 is to see only one PG movie for the year, then see this one and skip out on Vin Diesel's "The Pacifier."

2 out of 4 rams heads

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