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Jan 202005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

There is a new bill that has been proposed in the Colorado Senate that would allow liquor stores to be open from noon to 8 p.m. on Sundays.

If this bill were to pass, it would be beneficial in many ways. Besides the fact that it would give people the freedom to buy alcohol on Sundays, the bill would go a long way in illustrating the need for separation of church and state.

If some people don't want to drink alcohol on Sundays, then it is their right not to drink, especially if the decision is connected with religious beliefs. But if people want to buy alcohol on a Sunday, then it should be their right to do so as well.

Bars are open Sundays, so why shouldn't people have the right to buy their own beer and enjoy it at their own homes?

The argument might be made that opening liquor stores on Sundays could increase alcohol consumption in an already troubled "alcohol culture" in Colorado. However, if people were able to buy liquor on Sundays, there would be fewer instances of drunk driving because some people would stay at home to drink rather than drive home from the bars.

Liquor stores are open on Sundays in many other states across the country. Why should Colorado be any different?


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