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Jan 202005
Authors: Scott Bondy, Paul Baker

Topic 1: The battle of the NFL heavyweights will take place this Sunday in the AFC Championship game. A rematch from week eight will feature the likely rookie of the year, Ben Roethlisberger, and the Pittsburgh Steelers versus two-time Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Who will represent the AFC in Super Bowl XXXIX?

Baker: Superior coaching, experience and a linebacker crew that rivals the best in the league all spell a Patriots victory.

Bondy: As well as a superior loss earlier this season when Pats head coach Bill Belichick got out-coached. Jerome Bettis is hot and will have a field day.

Baker: Brady is 7-0 in playoff games. Roethlisberger looked like a rookie in his first playoff game and his team is lucky to still be alive.

Bondy: A 16-1 record (including the playoff victory) has nothing to do with luck. Pittsburgh has proven that it doesn't need its quarterback to have a great game in order to win.

Topic 2: While the majority of sports fans would agree that the NFC has gone to crap this year, the conferences is still entitled to a championship game. Arguably the league's most athletic and talented player, Michael Vick, will face Donovan McNabb and the Philadelphia Eagles. Which player will lead his team to victory?

Bondy: I'm going with the Falcons purely because I can. I don't care about the numbers or the stats. I want to see Vick beat McNabb and prove that no matter what the Eagles do every year to boost their team, they can't reach the Super Bowl.

Baker: The Eagles have a better running game this year with Brian Westbrook. Their defense looks as good as ever with Jevon Kearse and Jeremiah Trotter. And, the fact that they've been there the past three years has got to give them the edge.

Bondy: Their emotional leader and team clown, Terrell Owens, is hurt and still running his mouth from the sideline. They beat a Minnesota team that was inferior, but the Falcons defense is underrated and should stop the Eagles' attack.

Baker: The Falcons have proven they can win at home or in a dome, but in Philly it's cold and the fans are brutal.

Topic 3: Q and A Lightning Round

Baker: Better NBA prospect, Amare Stoudemire or Dwayne Wade?

Bondy: Stoudemire because he gets double-teamed nightly and still looks good.

Bondy: Should the Broncos drop Reuben Droughns?

Baker: Yes. Trade him for a second-round draft pick.

Baker: Should Alex Smith go first in the draft?

Bondy: No. The best player in the draft didn't even play this past season. Receiver Mike Williams formerly of Southern California should get drafted number one.

Bondy: Will Drew Brees be starting in San Diego next season?

Baker: They'll make him a franchise player and hopefully trade him to the 49ers. Phillip Rivers will be the starter for the super Chargers.

Baker: What's the best bar in town?

Bondy: Lucky Joe's, you can throw peanuts on the ground.

Topic 4: USC quarterback Matt Lienart announced last week that he would stay at the university to play his senior season. Is this a good decision for Lienart to stay in college?

Bondy: Absolutely a great decision. It is so respectable when a great college athlete decides to stay in school.

Baker: Agreed. It shows that he appreciates the game more than the lucrative contracts that await in the NFL.

Bondy: Plus, he will be the favorite again for the Heisman Trophy next year and attempt to be the second player to win the award twice.

Closing Statements and words to the wise:

Baker: The CSU hockey team takes on Colorado in hockey on Friday, everyone should go!

Bondy: Yeah, it's pretty much the second-best thing to the NHL.

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