Jan 202005
Authors: Erin Tracy

The Alcohol Task Force was one vote away from recommending reinstatement of beer sales at Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium during one of its final meetings before presenting recommendations to CSU President Larry Penley.

The task force met for about five hours Thursday, and its recommendation to lift the ban, stop selling beer at half time, implement a "steering committee" and reinstate rules that existed before the ban are on hold until the next meeting Jan. 27.

Scoot Crandall, member of the Alcohol Task Force, cast the deciding vote to put the recommendation on hold.

"I feel this needs a lot more time," Crandall said. "I feel like the dust is in the air."

He said he could not recommend the reinstatement of beer at Hughes because the media hype would overpower the other recommendations made by the Alcohol Task Force.

Anne Hudgens, CSU executive director of campus life and member of the task force, voted in favor of the amended recommendation to reinstate beer sales at Huges, but earlier in the meeting was apprehensive about recommending beer to be sold at Hughes Stadium again.

"One of the messages that I am concerned about sending to students is that they behaved badly in a backlash effect and we will reward the bad behavior," Hudgens said. "There is a problem, I think, in saying we are going to put beer back because the problems were worse, I think that is the wrong message to send."

Dexter Yarbrough, CSU chief of police and member of the task force, said he disagreed with Hudgens on why she thought the beer suspension should not be lifted.

"We didn't state that we wanted to lift the beer ban just because the behavior was bad; it was based upon the evidence that we found," he said.

He said the sub-committee found no evidence that suggested beer sales inside Hughes Stadium promoted more drinking.

"(The decision) was also based upon community input," Yarbrough said. "And overwhelmingly the community suggested that beer be back at the stadium."


Katie Clausen, Associated Students of CSU president and task force member, was also persistent about lifting the ban of beer at the stadium. She said history has shown that students, staff and contributors to the school would be upset and would find ways around the alcohol suspension.

"If you implement a rule or law or anything and you have no sound reasoning for doing that they are going to revolt, they are going to defy it just for the pure basis of feeling they could and should," Clausen said.

The Alcohol Task Force reviewed 47 recommendations during the meeting and passed many with alterations to the original recommendation.

Some of these recommendations with modifications included:

* Prohibiting hard liquors inside tailgates areas

* Recommendation to the state legislature to not support the proposed sales of hard liquor on Sundays

* Take steps in fulfillment of Greek Life Statement of Expectations

* Reduce the age of potential RamRide drivers to 18-years-old

* Lower the age allowed to enter a bar, but not the drinking age

Clausen said she was pushing for the city to allow people 18-years-old and older to be allowed in a bar because there would be less unsupervised parties and alcohol-related problems.

"I think that it is an excellent compromise and gets to the heart of specific issues," Clausen said.

Three recommendations failed to be passed because three or more people opposed each proposal. Dennis Harrison, Fort Collins chief of police, called for the failed recommendations to be considered again at the next meeting.

Recommendations that will be re-discussed at the next meeting include:

* An increased amount of communication and contact with parents.

* A mandatory alcohol awareness class.

* Exploration of housing options for a mandatory live-in requirement past the first year of college.

* To address housing issues related to student issues.

* To create an education program that will prepare residence hall students in their move off-campus.

* Establishment and adoption of a code of ethics for responsible retailing.

* Protection of individuals calling 911 to report a suspected or potential alcohol poisoning case.

* Lift suspension of beer sales on Hughes Stadium.

The recommendations will be finalized in the next meeting and then will be presented to Penley Feb. 1.

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