To the editor:

Jan 192005

Vincent Adams insists that the American public is placing magnetic yellow ribbons on their cars as a way to feel "super-American" in his column on Tuesday. I believe Mr. Adams to be grossly misled. During the Iran hostage crisis, yellow ribbons were a way of welcoming home Americans as they were released. During a time when those of us at home feel that we can do very little to help, yellow ribbons show that we remember the soldiers, not to, as Mr. Adams says, "show people you blindly support this moronic war."

Women and men are fighting because they were commanded to, because they feel they have a duty to our country and perhaps because they support the reason they fight. Regardless of our own politics, it is essential that we recognize the sacrifice these people are making. For some it means lobbying for troops to be removed. For others it means saying a prayer. For others it means displaying a ribbon. These ribbons represent solidarity of the American people; whether we support the war or not, "We want you to come home soon and you are not forgotten." So, next time you see these "fashionable" ribbons, remember Mr. Adams, whether or not you believe these lives "are being lost in vain," they are still being lost. I suggest you spend more time focused on the real reason most people have ribbons on their cars and not on whether their political viewpoint contradicts your own.

Wyndi Henson

Senior, Speech Communication major

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