Jan 192005
Authors: Lila Hickey

Share your three-unrelated story with ASCSU:

Call: 491-5931 and say "I have a personal story about three-unrelated."

Email: Courtney Stephens at communityaffairs@ascsu.colostate.edu.

Stop by ASCSU's office in the LSC and ask for Courtney, Ben or Katie.

Don't dodge everyone in the Lory Student Center Plaza today. All they want is a quick signature, one that could help students keep their roommates.

Courtney Stephens, director of community affairs for the Associated Students of CSU, wants students to speak out against the city's three-unrelated ordinance, a law that prohibits more than three unrelated adults from living in the same house.

So Stephens has designed a card for students to sign, voicing their opposition to the current three-unrelated ordinance, as well as the more enforceable version the council is considering.

"It's a really easy way to get the students' voices to city council," she said.

ASCSU representatives will be on the Plaza today distributing cards that students can sign to voice their opposition to the revised law and call for the total abolishment of three-unrelated. Students can also stop by ASCSU's office in the student center and request a card to fill out.

ASCSU has already sent the Fort Collins City Council 200 signed cards, and is hoping to fill another 1,000 today.

"They were impressed," Stephens said, of the council's reaction to the first wave of cards. "They weren't really expecting it."

For years student renters and the city have largely ignored the ordinance. But the city council is considering changing three-unrelated from a criminal to a civil offense. Civil offenses are more easily prosecuted. Those who oppose three-unrelated fear this change may drastically increase the number of people prosecuted for violating the ordinance.

Stephens worries that because many students do not know about this law, or have the time to speak to city council, students' opinions may be ignored when the council makes its decision, as early as next Tuesday.

ASCSU is also asking students to share their personal experiences with three-unrelated. Students can speak to ASCSU representatives, who will then relate their stories to City Council, without identifying the student.

Stephens urged students to share their stories if they have had to violate three-unrelated, to demonstrate to the city council that many students cannot afford to live with fewer than three roommates.



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