Jan 192005
Authors: Julie Abiecunas

Grandmothers across the globe have something to get excited about: This year's 2005 fashion forecast calls for the removal of all those dangerously low, booty-baring blue jeans.

That's right, the jeans our moms and their moms before them wore are finally coming back in style. Say goodbye to belly buttons to thongs peeking out; this year's trend report predicts the return of high-waisted pants all across the board.

Fashion-forward stars such as Gwen Stefani and Mischa Barton have already started sporting the latest look. This look also is seen in the high-wasted pencil skirts coming out this season by designers such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.

One big '40s look coming back this year is round-toed shoes and

the reappearance of tights. No longer just for little girl's ballet

classes, tights are coming back in a major way. This includes the return of everything from fishnets and prints to just plain old stockings and even the infamous legwarmers from the '80s.

While the '40s look is still the reigning style from which designers are taking their trends, another more colorful look is also coming back in

style that is very reminiscent of the '60s. Christian Dior's new line for the spring season features an array of neon green and pink colors splashed across flowing skirts and knee-high stockings.

It's often said that much of our style comes from The Golden Globes and

The Academy Awards. If this is any prediction for 2005, we're likely to

see tons of cocktail dresses and eveningwear in shades of mocha and silver. The goddess look was also very in this year, and actresses such as Uma Thurman and Emmy Rosum donned very loose, flowing, Athena-like attire at this year's gala.

Today's stars aren't just wearing the latest fashion trends – they're

creating them. Something that a few years ago would have been dubbed

"selling out" is now done by just about everyone in the celebrity world,

especially among today's musical artists. One of the latest such lines to come out is Stefani's L.A.M.B line, which stands for Love Angel Music Baby. The line features a collection of expensive totes, handbags and clutches.

Earlier this year, 50 Cent also began his own clothing line, a collection of

moderately expensive street wear, with jeans costing around $78.50 and shirts around $38.50.

Accessory styles are just as varied this year as the clothing trends. This year's hot jewelry trend is all about big beads, ranging from the plastic '80s-style beads to the vintage wooden beads of the '70s. The sash and ribbon style belts that were huge last year continue to remain a predominant trend. Also look for looser scarf-style belts in this year's collections.

The styles of 2005 will allow you to wear mix-and-match clothing and accessories from different eras while still being fashionable. Whether you're donning your conservative high-waisted, '40s-style skirt or your neon pink and green pleated mini-skirt, this season you're sure to blend in, in style.

Julie Abiecunas is a sophomore technical journalism major. She is an entertainment desk reporter.

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