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Jan 182005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

When individuals go out to bars and clubs on weekends, they do so as adults. So it is not the responsibility of bartenders and other business employees to baby-sit these adults by monitoring every single drink they consume. However, it is important for employees to keep an eye open for people who may have drank too much.

When one of these individuals is spotted, it is important for employees to recognize them and cut them off by no longer serving them drinks. The establishment should also make taxicab rides accessible for those individuals who are unable to drive safely home.

Business establishments should train their employees to effectively deal with people who may have drank too much and when the bartender makes the call to cut someone off, his or her judgment should be respected.

Responsible drinking requires the proper judgment of the drinker, the individual who is serving drinks and the establishment serving alcohol. Employees should cut off drinkers when they become belligerent, but an adult should be able to monitor him or herself. It is not about the bottom line; it is about the safety of the customers.


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