Jan 172005
Authors: Collegian Staff

Do you have something you want to spout off about? Do you have a complaint about school, work, women, men, professors, politicians, etc.? We want to know about it.

RamTalk, a new feature on the Collegian's opinion page, allows students, faculty and staff to make brief comments about anything and everything-aside from explicit or suggestive comments. These comments are all anonymous.

This addition is in an effort to further fulfill the Collegian's mission as an outlet for CSU community members to express their thoughts, views and opinions on what's going on across the campus, the region, the nation or the world – or even in their personal lives. In addition to letters to the editor, guest editorials and feedback on www.collegian.com, RamTalk will give readers a chance to let off some steam about anything that irks them.

To make a comment you can either e-mail them to ramtalk@hotmail.com or call 491-1687 and leave a message.

Collegian editors reserve the right to omit comments, and slanderous or obscene statements will not be printed.

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