Preparing for winter break

Dec 122004
Authors: Sara Bahnson

Houses: To Do before Winter Break

Residences Halls: To Do before Winter Break

Fill out mail hold card

Stop newspaper delivery

Arrange for snow removal

Unplug all appliances

Secure/lock windows

Clean/defrost refrigerator

Take out trash

Unplug all appliances

Secure/lock window

Close drapes

Shut off lights

Check out with resident assistant

Preparing residence halls, apartments and houses are issues many CSU students face, as they get ready to vacate their home away from home for nearly a month.

Students in the residence halls on campus have their safety preparation confined to just one room.

Although the doors to the halls will be locked during winter break, David Hurley, Campus Services Office supervisor at CSU Police Department, recommends students use window blocks to safeguard rooms, especially those who live on the first floor in the residence halls. Windows should also be locked and drapes should be closed, he said.

"If students have high-dollar items, they should take those items home or safely secure them in the room," Hurley said. "We will still have officers on campus during the break, but students can do their part."

Beyond safety preparation, students in the residence halls are advised by Housing Services to defrost refrigerators, take out the trash, unplug all appliances and shut off the lights before they leave for break.

"It's important for students to check out of their room properly (with a resident assistant) to avoid getting fined," said Katie Minick, a resident assistant at Summit Hall and a freshman human development major.

For students who reside in a house or apartment, the safety precautions recommended by the CSUPD for the residence halls also fit. However, mail and newspapers can pile up after weeks of absence at a personal residence, so there are other considerations.

A mail hold card can be obtained at any local post office and all mail will be held at the main post office during winter break. Newspaper delivery can also by put on hold.

Paying a service for snow and ice removal or finding a neighbor to volunteer is necessary for homeowners or home renters to follow city ordinances. If the snow or ice is not removed from the sidewalk bordering or adjacent to the house within 24 hours, then the city will remove the snow or ice and the cost of this service will be assessed the owner of the property, according to the City of Fort Collins Web site.

While preparing for weeks away from a residence hall, apartment or house can take some effort; the work makes for a safer and worry-free vacation.

"Making my room safe and locked up tight is worth it because I get a month to relax and I don't have to worry about it," said senior biological sciences major Erin Olson.


Two checklists (one for houses, one for residence halls) for readers to cut out

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