Holiday at the Cinemas

Dec 122004
Authors: Ryan Skeels


"Meet the Fockers"

The sequel to the hilarious "Meet the Parents" needs little explanation. Ben Stiller takes his soon-to-be step-parents to meet his own. With Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand added to the bill, this one might outdo the first.

Opens Dec. 22

"The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou"

This is Wes Anderson's latest movie after "The Royal Tenenbaums" and looks incredibly touching, funny and downright amazing. Bill Murray as Capt. Zissou assembles his crew to track down and kill the shark that killed his partner on their latest filming expedition.

Opens Dec. 25




It's nice that Adam Sandler has been able to pull off serious roles lately. He plays dad in a family that hires a Spanish-speaking housekeeper and attempts to break the language barrier. See this one with your fam.

Opens Dec. 17

"Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events"

Jim Carrey looks like he's done it again. As the crazy Count Olaf and the closest relative to three children who lost their parents when their house burnt down, he of course gets the responsibility of watching them. This looks really awesome.

Opens Dec. 17


"Hotel Rwanda"

A true story about a man in Rwanda who opens his hotel for the Rwandan refugees fleeing the mass genocide of their people, "Hotel Rwanda" looks like a very intensely emotional movie. If you're in Denver over the break, look for it at The Mayan as it's a limited release.

Opens Dec. 22

"The Aviator"

This is another true story, staring Leonardo DiCaprio. Oh yeah, and don't forget to look for Jude Law. Will he ever leave us alone? Leo stars as the infamous aviator and film director Howard Hughes during his life from 1920 to 1940. With Martin Scorsese directing, there's no doubt "The Aviator" will shine.

Opens Dec. 25


"White Noise"

Electronic Voice Phenomenon is apparently a real deal. It's when loved ones from the past can communicate through household electronic devices. Michael Keaton stars as a man skeptical of EVP who eventually starts to believe. You decide whether or not to see this one.

Opens Jan. 7


Released in France two years ago it's about time they released this in America. It's a super-creepy movie about a family that moves into a house in the Spanish countryside that has been abandoned for years. If only they knew the dark secret kept hidden all this time.

Opens Dec. 25



Don't let the fact that it's a spin-off of "Daredevil" fool you. This looks much better. Jennifer Garner stars as the comic book character Elektra.

Opens Jan. 14


"The Flight of the Phoenix"

A group of social outcasts survive a plane crash in the desert and attempt to build a new one out of the wreckage before death sets in. It looks like Dennis Quaid is going to be much better in this than in "The Day After Tomorrow."

Opens Dec. 22

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