Dec 122004
Authors: Courtney Cage

This year the Associated Students of Colorado State University has been busy working for the students. Some of the issues that directly shape the everyday lives of all students at CSU include faculty background checks, course book orders, graduate teaching assistant speaking requirements, ASCSU course surveys and a student Honor Code.

The ASCSU Senate passed legislation on Nov. 17 outlining the students' wishes concerning faculty background checks. Students are required to fill out a check box and self-disclosure question on their admittance application, and we are hoping to implement a similar method for potential faculty members. Not only will this increase safety at CSU, but it will also protect the university against potential negligence lawsuits. For more information regarding faculty background checks you can visit the ASCSU office in the Lory Student Center.

During the month of October, ASCSU was responsible for a program that encouraged professors to turn in their course book orders on time. The program, called Walk for Cheaper Books, organized students into groups to walk around the academic buildings on campus. Initializing conversations with professors, students had the opportunity to form better relationships with their teachers and helped remind them to turn in their book orders on time. Saving students money on textbooks was the goal of this campaign.

By ordering more used textbooks at an earlier date, students save money. Therefore, the more quickly faculty members turn in their book orders, the more likely it is for the University Bookstore to buy used books at a lower cost.

Another topic that is affecting students currently is the ASCSU course surveys. These surveys are handed out at the end of each class every semester. Many students are unaware of their purpose and question whether or not the surveys are taken seriously or used at the departmental level.

It is important for all students to know that the ASCSU course survey is used by faculty to assist them with their teaching effectiveness and is a tool that may be used in awarding promotion and tenure. Your input on these surveys is taken very seriously both on a departmental and college level. It is also important to note that your student fee dollars pay for this service and the results from this survey are available to all students on the ASCSU Web site, So when professors begin handing out those orange scantrons once again, remember that your voice counts.

If you are ever interested in getting involved or learning more about student issues on campus, please come by the ASCSU office to see how you can make a difference.

To those of you who are graduating in December, ASCSU would like to commemorate you and your hard work. CSU is proud to have developed the minds of students such as yourselves who have made the commitment to learning. We congratulate you on your graduation and wish you the best in your future endeavors.

As for those of you who are continuing your education at CSU and will be returning in the spring, take some time to relax and enjoy your Winter Break. We will see you back in Ram Country in 2005!

Courtney Cage is a senior biological sciences major. Cage is also director of academics for ASCSU. Guest columns from ASCSU members will run intermittently during the spring semester.

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