Blade swing a little short

Dec 122004
Authors: Ryan Skeels

"Blade" was awesome, a wicked sweet twist on the vampire genre. "Blade 2: Bloodhunt" was all right, with a strange twist on the first movie. And "Blade Trinity" just continues the slide down the slippery slope of goodness. Davis S. Goyer, the writer of all three Blade movies, was unfortunately given the job of actually directing his work. The sentiment behind this sort of idea is usually a good one – he wrote it so he must know how it should look, right? Well, not in this case. Guillermo Del Toro directed the "Blade 2" and "Hellboy" and should have taken this one under his wing. With Goyer directing "Trinity" there is no emotion at all, and it's hard to care about what's going on with the characters.

After losing his battle for humanity, Blade, played by Wesley Snipes, is finally caught by the human race and under interrogation for murder. The vampire leaders have been trying to find a way to stop Blade from killing their people, so naturally, arresting him seems to be a sure-fire solution. That is until someone like The Nightstalkers come to his rescue. The Nightstalkers are a group of people, previously unknown to Blade, formed to help him in case he runs into this sort of trouble. Jessica Biel shows the audience how much of a badass she can be as Abigail Whistler, daughter of Abraham Whistler, the dude who makes all of Blade's weapons. As the leader of this group of people, her and Ryan Reynolds join Snipes in the fight against the bloodsuckers of the world. The vampires however, have discovered Dracula's place of rest, unearthed him and brought him into their fight against Blade.

The fight scenes are awesome with a seemingly unending amount of new and cool weapons for dealing with these bloodthirsty demons of the night. Reynolds takes the role of the comic relief for the film, giving the audience a chuckle on more than one occasion. Unfortunately for huge "Blade" fans, there are parts intended to be serious, which also raise a laugh throughout the theater. One of these laughs come when they reveal who takes the role of Dracula himself, Dominic Purcell. He looks more like the bouncer of a German bar than the baddie of all baddies from every kid's worst nightmare, as Dracula should be.

All in all the visuals were awesome, the acting was good, the plot was all right but the overall movie just came across as bland. As the third in a good series of movies there needed to be a deeper plot and more character development then there was, even for a mindlessly entertaining movie. For the hardcore "Blade" enthusiasts it's definitely worth seeing, just don't expect the same quality as the first in the series.

2 out of 4 rams

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