Dec 092004
Authors: Paul Baker, Scott Bondy

Topic 1: Being successful is up to interpretation, but to some, the BCS is just that this year. The Bowl Championship Series takes a lot of heat year in and year out because it often leaves deserving teams out of the mix. Did it get anything right this year?

Bondy: Absolutely. Everyone thinks he or she has the BCS figured out. Everyone has the perfect solution. Fact is, no one is ever going to be completely happy with it.

Baker: They certainly got the championship game right, but what about Auburn? It went undefeated in arguably the toughest conference in the nation.

Bondy: Well, Auburn got screwed. Such is life. The Tigers had a great run, but better luck next year.

Baker: Including a team like Pittsburgh, with an 8-3 record and at No. 20 in the nation, makes the Fiesta Bowl look like a joke.

Bondy: Bottom line: Make a playoff. That's why March Madness is the most exciting tourney of the year.

Topic 2: The Heisman finalists were chosen on Wednesday, leaving out such players as Cedric Benson of Texas and Jason Campbell of Auburn. Were the five finalists the right choices and who should win the award?

Baker: The right finalists were chosen.

Bondy: Yeah, who is Campbell anyways? And Benson gets drowned out by a freshman and a sophomore on a weekly basis.

Baker: Adrian Peterson is a stud. He deserves the award. He's the best freshman running back since Herschel Walker

Bondy: Leinart is good, but stick any quarterback in that offense and you have a winner. Reggie Bush is the best player on his team but the second best running back in the nation. Without Peterson, Jason White isn't in the championship game.

Topic 3: Q and A Lightning Round

Bondy: The winner of the National Championship will be?

Baker: Oklahoma by 10.

Baker: Did Utah make the right decision by allowing Urban Meyer to coach the Fiesta Bowl?

Bondy: Nope. He quit his job and quit on his team. Bad decision to announce his departure before the bowl game.

Bondy: Utah over Pitt?

Baker: Uh huh. Alex Smith combines for like a bajillion yards.

Baker: Michigan over Texas?

Bondy: Yeah right. Hook 'em Horns.

Bondy: Auburn over Virginia Tech?

Baker: Tech scores two points, yes two, but Auburn wins 3-2 on a late field goal.

Topic 4: In light of the holiday season, we would like to thank the athletes who do their very best to entertain us every outing by handing out some awards. Here are the 2004 Baker/ Bondy awards.

Coolest athlete of the year: Ricky Williams, because he did us a favor and quit.

Worst Athlete of the year: Ron Artest. Oh wait, he isn't allowed to play this year.

Best hit of the year: Jermaine O'Neal rocking that fan with a sliding punch.

Clutch team: BoSox is pretty much the new definition of clutch.

Pothead: Carmelo Anthony. Yeah, it was his.

Crack head: Receiving his second Baker/Bondy award, Ron Artest.

Closing statements and words to the wise:

Bondy: Happy holidays and good luck on finals.

Baker: I want a Napoleon Dynamite action figure for Christmas.

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