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Dec 082004
Authors: Andrew Nuth

Many CSU students know that there is a career center, but few know that it is as close as Ammons Hall, on the oval. The Career Center offers help with everything from choosing majors, to finding internships and reviewing resumes.

The Career Center is open to all students, and recent alumni. Anne Thompson, a Generalist Counselor at the center, recommends that students begin a relationship with The Career Center during their freshman year.

"The process is tailored to individual student needs," Thompson said.

Since choosing a major or searching for a career is a large decision, The Career Center has many types of resources to help people in different ways. A major-specific library can help students to find a major that suits their interests.

Thompson recommends visiting The Career Center multiple times throughout the process of choosing a major or making a career choice, because they have resources for each step of the journey.

The Career Center can be a guide to students and, students can go in for just a simple question or to have their r/sum/ reviewed by a career peer advisor.

"Students can just walk in and get their resume reviewed," said Erin Datteri, a career peer advisor at the center. "We give suggestions on how to improve a r/sum/, and write a cover letter," Datteri said. Walk in hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday and Tuesday at The Career Center, and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday in the Wellness Center.

Many students do not know that The Career Center is a great resource for issues other than finding a career.

"I went when I wanted to switch majors," said Brian Martin, a graduate student studying education. Martin went to The Career Center three semesters into college for help and advice in his process of switching majors.

"Using the career center is a great way to help decide on a major, after a few visits we can narrow things down, and help students choose a major," Thompson said.

Thompson also pointed out that a major doesn't force a student into any particular career upon graduation.

"I probably will go to The Career Center for help getting an internship," said Henry Unrein, a freshman computer science major.

CareerRAM, a feature on the Career Center's website,, is available to all students and includes job postings and internship possibilities.

CareerRAM is one way for students to use The Career Center. After registering for CareerRAM students have access to job and internship postings, on campus interviews, resume management and more. CareerRAM is paid for by student fees, so students can join at no cost.

James Redigan, a peer advisor, is happy to be a student's first point of contact with The Career Center. He spends most of his time with the center reviewing r/sum/s, and giving presentations around campus.

"It's a good job; you get to help people," Redigan said.

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