Dec 082004
Authors: Amy Hochevar


Holy Moses and the High Rollers will be playing tonight at the Aggie with Wasabi.

All Ages. $5.

In a city with dozens upon dozens of local bands thriving to make it in the music business, Holy Moses and The High Rollers manage to take listeners back in time and let you relive the memories of the past. With influences from the Grateful Dead and Odis Redding, HMHR consists of five members, who in September 2003 moved to Fort Collins from Carlisle, Penn. On lead guitar and vocals is Charlie Humphreys; on rhythm guitar and vocals is Matt Price; on bass is Tony Deyo; on keyboard and vocals is Nick Boeka; and drum and vocals is A.C. Lao. The band has been together for the last three years and has one album out to date. Recently, Deyo sat down with the Collegian to talk about his life with the band.

The Collegian: What made all of you want to move to Fort Collins?

Tony Deyo: We had decided that we wanted to get out of the area. We wanted to leave the East Coast but didn't want to go to the West Coast. We knew this guy and he moved out here. He called us and told us about this place. A couple of us made a trip out here to check it out. We loved it. A while later, we packed our stuff and moved the band out here.

C: Did you find what you were looking for?

T.D: Yeah, we got pretty much exactly what we were looking for. We played in Denver and we are very happy here. There is actually still a lot more for us to do here.

C: So basically, you wanted to leave Carlisle. Does that mean Carlisle sucks?

T.D: Be careful – That's my hometown. No, it's just that it doesn't really have everything we needed.

C: Have you guys gone on any tours?

T.D: We bought a trailer and went back to Pennsylvania for a couple shows.

C: Who have you played with that you have enjoyed?

T.D: We really enjoyed playing with Jen Hartswick. She is a trumpet player and has one hell of a voice. She came and jammed with us. She is a friend of Trey (Anastasio) from Phish.

C: Can you remember anything fun that has happened during any shows?

T.D: We've had the usual girls flashing. One time we were at City Limits and a woman did a 'Kamikaze' into the stage, it was incredible. There is always something! We were playing at a bar in Harrisburg when we hit the jam in the song and everything shut down-complete power failure! That was great!

C: Do you have any favorite venues here in Fort Collins?

T.D: Well, I have two. I love to play and watch at Mishawaka. And I also think the Aggie is a great place to play.

C: What would you say is the main age group of your fans?

T.D: We appeal to a lot of ages but the average age would probably be 25 or 26.

Lightning Round

C: Are you planning on starting a new fashion trend?

T.D: (As he runs his hand through his Afro) I think we're going to see the Afro make a big come back.

C: Christmas wish?

T.D: A big plasma TV with HD so I can watch the Philadelphia Eagles win the Superbowl.

C: You mean the Broncos?

T.D: Negative.

C: Grateful Dead or Pink Floyd?

T.D: Pink Floyd. This is a personal answer, because I'll get a lot of flak.

C: Go on tour, or charity work?

T.D: I love doing shows for charity but I've never been on a great tour.

C: Favorite animal?

T.D. Siberian Tiger. You know, the white ones.

C: Whats more important, air conditioning or a heater?

T.D. Heater, you can deal with being hot but you don't wan to freeze.

C: Favorite Christmas food?

T.D. Chocolate chip cookies.

C: Is there anything you want to add?

T.D: I'm really excited about this next year. We'll be taking some big steps to make our vision become a reality. I hope the people out there can see that. We're here to play for the people.

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