Death To Reality TV!

Dec 082004
Authors: Nicholas LoFaro

Reality television isn't really real, so who came up with the concept of calling it reality? In fact, almost nothing on television is real. With the exception of news reports, no show can claim the term "real." Even many news reports can sometimes produce falsity labeled as realism. (Remember that whole CBS President Bush story that some overzealous reporter regurgitated not too long ago?)

Plus, all the "realistic" war footage is not even allowed on the screen because it is too violent and breaks down morale. America, however, allows for such rubbish as "The Swan" or "The Apprentice" to somehow show where our morals are. Can we ever trust TV again? The answer is no. You actually might find a little bit more comfort in reading. Try it – it's healthy.

The most ironic part of television is that it actually distorts reality. The most realistic show on television just happens to be "The Simpsons." This is hilarious because it is animated. Have we lost a grip on our senses? Reality TV claims to represent something out of our real lives, yet it is so far from it.

Let's look at the show that perpetuated the ridiculous trend that is reality television. "Survivor" is anything but a show about survival. Think about it. Would the producers really let those greedy beach monkeys die? They'll all survive. A more realistic "Survivor" should take place in the streets of Los Angeles with a mere squirt-gun or in the Amazon jungle with no vaccinations or maybe put a millionaire on an island of cannibals and see if he can buy his way off. Eating rats and voting against each other doesn't qualify you to be a survivor. Surviving in an AIDS-plagued community might qualify for our world's reality, so why don't they try that?

The most repulsive of all reality TV shows reveals the influence that Barbie has over our logic in America. "The Swan" is a show that transforms the ugly into the beautiful via plastic surgery. What is wrong with these people? If you are born ugly, you should stay that way. It not only defeats and destroys human nature but also goes to show how vulnerable humans are to society's standards. Let me tell you that we pretentious humans have no validity whatsoever in defining beauty. It gives the wrong message that if one does not measure up to society's standards for beauty, there is something wrong. They should punch the producer in the face and see how much he likes a nose job. Notice that I said "he." I'm not completely positive, but I am sure that a man was in charge of this stupid show.

I have some advice for American reality-show producers: Quit injecting Botox and silicon and money and status into people's minds. Instead maybe create a show that involves all the moronic reality-show creators and put them together in a feeding-frenzy and call it "See If You Can Survive Floating Like A Swan In a Pool of Sharks." The person with the most limbs in the end gets to donate his $1 million to third-world countries and, if possible, walk away.

Oh, one last thought. Who would want to work for Donald Trump anyway?

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