Dec 072004
Authors: Vincent Adams

Dear Republicans:

I wanted to apologize for being a little too partisan this semester. While I do not take back anything I have said, and I stand firm on my principles, I realize some of you love this country and honestly believe the Republicans run this country best.

I am just disappointed with your current leadership and where the party seems to be heading. It is not your fault that the Republican Party is becoming radical and failed to inform you.

See, what happens is whichever party has power becomes corrupted. Before the Bushite-Republican machine, it was Lyndon Johnson and his pack of do-good donkeys. And just like Bush, Johnson thought since he had a Democratic Congress it was OK to push his agenda forward without considering the other side. Sure, Johnson did some good things, but he went a little overboard with social programs and government regulations.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Now it is Bush's turn. Since he had a Republican Congress his first term he got his, and only his, agenda through Congress and into law. The Democrats didn't have the votes or political mojo to make sure Bush didn't go nuts with his agenda. If power had been more divided, then Bush's tax cut probably would have been compromised to an extent where it helps all Americans and not just some.

See, this country works better when our government has an evenly split federal government. That way only the best ideas are filtered through two opposing ideologies. This was proven during the Clinton presidency.

And it isn't like I think Republicans have it completely wrong. I don't agree with their social agenda, but up until Bush and his super conservative worldview, I didn't mind. I don't believe in God and really don't want him forced down my throat, but Republicans ignore the country's economic needs to push forth a super conservative agenda that interferes with scientific breakthroughs – i.e. stem cell research – and discriminates against the gay community.

You can have your God, but please let me be governed without him.

I like the idea of small government. But I think it is hypocritical when you guys want small government in terms of tax cuts that help the rich but want the government to regulate marriage, reproductive rights and other social issues. Too many of you are busy bodies who want to impose your traditional ideals upon us all.

Please, just focus on running the business of the people. Government is there to pass policy that helps all people, not to mold people into traditional Christians.

After the election there was all this talk about how the Democrats are a troubled party, but it is the Republican Party I am more concerned about.

Your party may have won the presidency, but it is becoming too radical. Before the Bushite machine, the talk was about smaller government, now it is about how government can do the work of God.

I hope you understand. I really like you guys, but you are going too far.

And I also apologize for letting my emotions get the best of me. I have neglected discussions over other important subjects. I promise next semester I will be better. No more Bush bashing just for the sake of Bush bashing – only when he screws up.

And I normally don't align myself so strongly to a party or ideology, but it honestly feels like the Republicans are attacking my buddies and me because they have the power to do so.

Have a great break. Liberals and others alike.



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