Dec 072004
Authors: Kathryn Dailey

CSU President Larry Penley is putting a charge to action to the President's Multi-Ethnic Student Advisory Committee.

Traditionally, PMSAC provided an opportunity for discussion and sharing different views, but was not action-oriented, Penley said. Tuesday evening, Penley commissioned the first PMSAC at CSU that will not only share multicultural views but also to take actions concerning those views around campus. Each of the 14 students appointed to PMSAC was recognized and thanked by Penley, during a ceremony at the Administration Building for his or her willingness to volunteer time to increase the appreciation of diversity on campus.

The commission gives the students of PMSAC a chance to work on key projects in conjunction with the president's office over the next year to make a difference regarding diversity issues on campus, according to a university press release.

"It's time to turn talk into real action," Penley said, "and make a real difference in the environment at Colorado State University in terms of culture and appreciation of diversity on campus."

Action will occur in the form of projects that will be designed and executed by the members of PMSAC. Some of the projects include working to come up with new ideas for the Diversity Summit, an Alumni Diversity Mentor Program, a Cultural Festival and a Diversity Web site.

Adrianna Casillas, a sophomore math major and PMSAC member, said the commission is giving the members of PMSAC the responsibility to implement these projects, although the administration will overlook the projects.

"It's a way to be a part of initiating projects that will increase diversity on the campus," Casillas said.

One of the projects Casillas came up with was a recruitment team of students from diverse backgrounds that the administration will train to recruit new students from around Colorado.

With the increasing diversity in the K-12 demographic, there will be a much more diverse graduating class coming to CSU over the next decades, Penley said.

He said it is CSU's responsibility to ensure access to the work force and quality education to those who want to participate.

PMSAC is a set of diverse students, representing different groups on campus.

"It is a heterogeneous group of students who are willing to volunteer their time," Penley said.

Derrick Dease, a senior natural resource management major and PMSAC member, said PMSAC gives him a sense of purpose. He said he sets an individual goal for accomplishments within the group at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year so he can reflect on if he has reached his goals.

"It's a privilege to officially help impact the school by aiding the administration," said Kim Chau, a senior finance and marketing major and PMSAC member.


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