Dec 072004


As I reflect on the tremendous accomplishments of our students over the past year and think back to our recent entering freshman class, it makes me very proud that so many bright, dedicated and intelligent students choose Colorado State to gain the lessons and knowledge to prepare them for life.

At CSU, we are committed to providing students with a top-quality education. Equally important – as this graduating class demonstrates – our students are committed to their own education, to take responsibility for what they know and to choose what they'll do with their lives. The faculty/student partnership is the hallmark of a Colorado State education.

As our graduates end their college careers and move to the next phase of their personal and professional lives they will do so with a solid educational foundation. As they leave us, we are proud of what they have accomplished and equally proud of what they will accomplish. Today, we live in an economy driven by knowledge, where success depends largely on a person's passion for lifelong learning. Our graduates are prepared to be contributing leaders in this society and will seek ways to make a difference in their community, their nation and their world. We look forward to the honor these graduates will bring to their alma mater.

As graduates, you will always remain alumni of CSU. In the years ahead, we will follow your accomplishments and look forward to your visits back to our campus, but most of all, we will take pride in knowing that your Colorado State education is proving of value to you and to our society.

Congratulations and best wishes!

Larry Edward Penley


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