Dec 052004
Authors: Ryan Skeels

Wow, these four really know how to totally screw up each other's lives. Even with an all-star cast of Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Jude Law and Clive Owen "Closer" leaves a bad taste in your mouth for your walk out of the theater. Roberts is Anna, Law is Dan, Owen is Larry and Portman is Alice. Throughout the movie we get Anna and Dan, Anna and Larry, Larry and Alice and even Dan and Larry in a rather humorous cyber chat scene.

Even though Director Mike Nichols has a couple decent movies under his belt such as "The Birdcage," it's just hard to determine what his goals were with "Closer." It seems to be an attempt to portray modern-day relationships and all the struggles people go through nowadays with deception, betrayal, passion, love and the always-present emotional abuse. Nichols gives the audience all of the above, but goes a bit over the top with it. The lives of the four characters are so frustrating to watch throughout the entirety, as they slowly but surly destroy each other's trust and emotions.

Dan meets the stripper Alice after a car nails her in the first five minutes. Dan is a writer and is getting his picture taken by Anna in the next five minutes, which apparently takes place a year-and-a-half after the first scene. The next couple of scenes take place another year later at one of Anna's photo openings. The movie then bobbles back and forth in time through to the end, making it interesting to watch and puzzle together.

Roberts seemed a little out of place in this part, and she definitely went out on a limb for the role. An especially uncomfortable part was during a confrontation with Larry about one of her flings with Dan. The dialogue gets really crude here, as with a few other parts, and was definitely fitting for the characters, although it does get borderline offensive at times.

"Closer" was better then the previews showed it to be, and Law actually did a good job, despite his annoyingly cheesy smirks, but the endlessly, ongoing relationships get really old by the end. There may be times in some relationships as screwed up as this, they probably happen, but an entire movie devoted to them was just a little too much.

2 out of 4 rams

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