To the editor:

Dec 022004

I'm happy to read that CSU students are taking the welfare of farmed animals seriously ("Student group hosts agriculture panel," Dec. 2). Most animals raised for food in the United States are forced to suffer lifelong abuse.

Egg-laying chickens have parts of their beaks burned off shortly after birth and are cramped in cages so small they can't even flap their wings. Male pigs are castrated without any painkillers, and their mothers are placed into individual crates too small for them to even turn around.

When we buy meat, eggs or dairy products, we are supporting cruelties so egregious that if they were done to dogs or cats, it would be grounds for animal cruelty charges in all 50 states. The easiest thing we can do to help these animals is simply to leave them out of our shopping carts and off our plates. With the variety of vegetarian foods expanding so greatly, there's no better time to start than today.

Josh Balk

Outreach Coordinator

Compassion Over Killing

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