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Dec 022004
Authors: Paul Baker, Scott Bondy

Topic 1: Tyron Willingham was fired this past Tuesday as head football coach of Notre Dame. Many people believe the situation is a racial one, considering the lack of black head coaches in Division I football. No Notre Dame coach has been fired before fulfilling his contract. Was Ty booted unfairly or too early?

Baker: Yes, every coach deserves at least four years in order for a full recruiting class to reach their potential.

Bondy: Agreed. But Notre Dame expects to win a National Championship every year. Ty was not the problem.

Baker: The problems lie in an extremely tough schedule, poor recruiting due to high academic standards and an administration with arrogance.

Bondy: However, as far as the race issue, that is ludicrous. Ty was not fired because he was black and it certainly isn't Notre Dame's fault that there are only two black coaches left.

Baker: Let's not turn the NCAA into an affirmative action haven. Black or white, the best person for the job deserves it.

Topic 2: ACC basketball, baby! With seven teams in the top 25 this year, tying an NCAA record, will an ACC team win it all this year? And, is the ACC consistently the best conference in college basketball?

Bondy: It's too early in the season and ratings don't mean a damn thing. There won't be seven ACC teams in the top 25 by the end of the season.

Baker: Totally wrong! The only reason one of those teams might drop out is because their competition is the toughest because of their conference.

Bondy: If I remember correctly, it wasn't an ACC team that cut down the nets after the final games the last two years. It was my Big East boys, Connecticut and Syracuse.

Baker: The ACC had two teams in the Final Four last year. And every year they throw the NBA some of the best talent in the draft.

Bondy: All I have to say is: Patrick Ewing, Allen Iverson, Ray Allen and Carmelo Anthony.

Baker: All I have to say is: Michael Jordan, Vince Carter, Rasheed Wallace and Jerry Stackhouse.

Topic 3: Q and A Lighting Round

Bondy: Does Adrain Peterson deserve the Heisman?

Baker: Yes, I don't care if he's a freshman. It should go to the best player in the country. He could win it all four years.

Baker: Should Urban Meyer leave Utah for Notre Dame or Florida?

Bondy: Warm weather and better athletes await in the Sunshine State.

Bondy: We're not going to talk about something useless, like the Broncos' lack of consistency or the Nuggets' lack of jump-shooting, but something important … Should the Broncos wear those ugly orange jerseys ever again?

Baker: No they lose every time.

Topic 4: As of the current BCS bowl projections, Utah will be pitted against Pittsburgh in the Fiesta Bowl. Finally, a non-BCS conference team will be playing in a meaningful game. Will Utah embarrass itself in the national spotlight or beat up on the No. 19 team in the nation (according to the AP)?

Baker: Pitt isn't that great. The Utes, behind a potent offense, should run up the score like they have all season.

Bondy: I'm just glad every team in the Mountain West gets a share in Utah's glory. Maybe CSU can use the money they get to recruit better.

Baker: If Utah wins, it should give the MWC more credibility.

Bondy: If Utah wins, Urban Meyer is out.

Closing Statements and words to the wise:

Bondy: "Why must I be surrounded by frickin' idiots?"

Baker: "Scotty don't!"

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