To the Editor:

Nov 302004

I think every one of us who knew Dave Karspeck was touched by him and have our own story of an experience with him. Stories that if you didn't know the man just wouldn't make sense; they were all part of his unique nature that will be sorely missed. I met Dave in the dorms and he was unlike anyone I had ever met before or probably ever will again. He lived life based on his own principles in his way. I remember long conversations where it would take a while to understand his take on a topic but it was always refreshing to hear. He would talk of future plans, but he was always living in the moment. I can remember nights at 2 a.m. when everyone was tired and he wanted to stay out. It didn't matter much what we did, he just didn't want the night to end. Dave was a one-of-a-kind personality who lived life to the fullest. With Dave you never knew what he was going to do or say next and that is what I will always love about the guy. How he was his own person living life on his terms and up to try anything. He was a kind individual who genuinely cared about people. I don't think there was a single part of his character that was mean or remorseful. It's a shame that someone who wasn't afraid to live would die so young. We can all learn something from Dave though, about how to live our lives and treat other people while not being afraid to be true to ourselves.

Brady McDaniel

Iowa City, IA

CSU alumni

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