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Nov 302004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Everyone has an opinion about alcohol.

This is especially true when it comes to alcohol policies at CSU.

Some feel there is a problematic "alcohol culture" in Fort Collins. Others feel the situation at CSU is no different than that of many of the nation's other colleges. Still others feel the university should do more to discourage excessive drinking and encourage responsible drinking.

Everyone has something to say, but no one is talking.

There are several outlets for students and community members to voice their opinions about current and possible future alcohol policies at CSU.

The CSU Alcohol Task Force has held several open forums at its meetings where anyone can express their views on what's happening in our town, but the response has been minimal.

The task force has also added an e-mail feature to solicit more feedback at www.president.colostate.edu/alcohol_task_force, but some students are not aware of it.

And now there's another option. Local retailers have joined together in an advertising campaign to give students another opportunity to be heard, and the Collegian is helping to collect your responses.

This week's and next week's Collegians will have ads asking students to answer brief questions about alcohol consumption. Any responses students may have can be sent to editor@lamar.colostate.edu.

The responses will be published in the Collegian when students return from Winter Break.

The forums are there. If you have something to say, take advantage of them. This is our university and our community. Your voice is important – make it heard.

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