Nov 302004
Authors: Vincent Adams

There's nothing worse than a smug Bushite – a guy or gal who thinks the president is vindicated because the Bush reelection team scared 51 percent of Americans to vote W., Bush is now a great president and has not made any mistakes. And most importantly, the Liberals were/are wrong.

In a Bushite's fantasy world, not only were weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq but also Osama bin Laden was captured in Baghdad a mere 20 seconds away from launching a nuclear attack against the United States. That is until their glorious leader smacked the trigger out of Osama's wimpy hand on Nov. 2.

Moreover, the economy suddenly rebounded in record fashion. Nov. 2 erased Bush Jr.'s huge deficits, and the middle and lower classes all realized the benefits of the tax cuts. Yes, indeed, all was right in the world after Nov. 2. Liberals lost the game and were proven, once and for all, that George W. Bush is righteous and infallible. Right?

While the above has not happened and Bushites have not said such things directly or indirectly, you would think such things happened the way Bushites naively celebrate their leader's failures and mistakes. The most moronic Bushites now defend their president by saying, "Our president won. Nanny, nanny, ha ha." Then the bewildered Liberal is left to sulk, after the Bushite sticks his or her tongue out at the loser Liberal.

This is a very dangerous attitude. Since Bushites gleefully ignore their leader's mistakes, who or what is to stop future Bush blunders? Bush will continue making mistakes if his constituency doesn't even acknowledge his mistakes, which says nothing of the praise shower many Bushite's give their leader. If Bushites keep celebrating their leader's pitiful first term by singing, "weeeeeee are the champions, my friend," this country, and world, will be even worse off in four years than it is now.

Further, asserting the "losers" have to conform to the Bush agenda is probably most dangerous. Bushites need to drop their smug attitude and acknowledge the Liberals were right about many things. Liberals had it right when they said, "Don't go to war until you exhaust all diplomatic efforts."

Had the president actually listened to what some Liberals (and non-Liberals) said before the war, this country wouldn't have waged Operation Oops. "Oops, we thought there were WMDs in Iraq. Oops, we thought there was an al-Qaida connection. Oops! Oops! Sorry guys."

And the Bushites can spin the tax cut theory any way they want, but many people's economic existence is not better because of the tax cuts. Sure, tax cuts would be great in the right economic climate, but the economy will remain stagnant if Bush continues to nurture his $7.4 trillion national deficit.

According to, a Web site designed to inform people of deficit dangers, the federal government spent $322 billion on interest payments for that gargantuan deficit in the fiscal year 2004 alone. For context, the Web site claims NASA received $15 billion, Education $61 billion and Department of Transportation $56 billion. Imagine the ways this country could have used that money. That is a lot of money wasted on interest payments.

Remember, the economy was at its best with a balanced budget, something accomplished by President Bill Clinton and a Republican-led Congress. The good 'ol days of moderate politics.

Liberals want to balance the budget, and then offer tax relief that benefits more than the top 1 percent of wage earners. While Bushites think it is wise to increase these deficits, wage poorly-planned wars and keep the constituency happy through tax cuts the country can't afford.

Yes. Liberals know they are scum. They lost Election Bowl 2004. But listening to Liberals might turn smug, stubborn Bushites into well-rounded compassionate conservatives – something they have yet to be.

And before sending me your hate mail, one point of clarification: Not all conservatives and Republicans are Bushites. There is a difference.

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