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Nov 282004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

David Karspeck, the CSU student who died Thursday, was an organ donor.

In his obituary in the Fort Collins Coloradoan, his family wrote, "Knowing his generous heart, his organs and tissue were donated to relieve the suffering of others."

Would your family choose the same for you? Do they know if you want to donate your organs?

Contrary to what you might think, simply choosing to be an organ donor isn't enough. When someone dies, his or her family has the ultimate say on whether the individual's organs will be donated.

Having a little heart in the corner on the bottom of your driver's license does not guarantee your organs will be donated.

While many students feel they are at their prime, the tragic death of a fellow classmate reminds us that life can be taken suddenly. So, it is important to let your family and loved ones know how you feel about organ donation. If you never tell them, they may not know if you wish to donate your organs.

Donating organs can and does save lives every day. Not communicating your views on organ donation to your family could cost others their lives.

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