Nov 282004
Authors: Megan Read

The Larimer Humane Society has been keeping busy this fall by providing homes for many dogs, cats and other animals.

Although adoptions are more frequent in the last few years, numbers of adoptions vary.

Cary Rentola, the marketing and event manager for the Larimer Humane Society, said she is never sure how many adoptions will occur in a particular season.

"We never know what type of animal is going to come through the door, or how many will come," Rentola said. "The amount of animals coming in and being adopted fluctuates throughout the year."

From Jan. 1 to Nov. 16 this year about 2,500 animals were adopted from the Larimer Humane Society, Rentola said. Also, from May to August, nearly 1,000 animals were adopted.

With the holidays approaching, many consider adopting a pet from the humane society to give, as a gift to loved ones.

A great benefit the humane society gives to people looking to adopt a pet as a gift are the availability of gift certificates, so the person can chose a pet that is right for them.

"We see people come in and adopt pets for Christmas gifts, but we encourage them to get a gift certificate from us instead. These are good for adoptions," Rentola said.

However, Thomas McGinley, chose to buy his pet from somewhere other than the humane society because he wanted a better selection of animals.

"The selection of puppies was limited at the humane society. I looked online and found the type I was looking for," said McGinley, a junior natural resource management major.

Some people chose adopting an animal from the Larimer Humane Society as opposed to buying from a pet store or a breeder because it gives an unwanted animal a home.

"I don't like pet stores. All of our cats have been from the humane society. I think it's better for the animals," said junior equine science and interior design major Sarah Chiarello, who recently adopted her cat, Steve, from the Larimer Humane Society.

According to Chiarello, her experience with adopting from the humane society was a pleasant and beneficial one.

"I was impressed with them," Chiarello said. "They give you information and coupons. He was even neutered."



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