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Nov 172004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


We may not have read all about it, but we certainly heard all about it.

Dan Lyons has left the Lory Student Center Plaza. He has taken a break from the Plaza for the first time in three years, and his ranting will be missed – not because he's too far left and not because he despises the right, but because he's the perfect example of someone who exercises his First Amendment rights.

Lyons doesn't get in your face. He just lets his message be heard and the rest is left up to whoever happens to be listening. He puts his information on a Web site and is easily avoided by those he may potentially offend.

Lyons' lighthearted antics were refreshing on a campus plagued by fanatics who shove signs in your face and place sky-high offensive billboards on your concrete.

You'll be missed ,Mr. Lyons, both for your presence and for fear of those who may take your place.

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