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Nov 152004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Recycling isn't easy. In fact, it can be a real pain.

Many people don't realize, however, that to recycle you don't have to be a bleeding heart tree-hugger. You don't have to stop driving. And you don't have to wear the same pair of Birkenstocks every day.

Little things can make a difference. No one is asking you to save the environment single-handedly, and no one expects you to make a drastic life change.

The truth is, recycling can be easy. Aluminum, glass and paper recycling bins are just as common as trashcans on campus. Your local garbage company offers recycling options, often for free. Even Collegian newsstands are almost always right next to recycling bins.

CSU is doing its part. We as students can, too.

It is estimated that half of the university's waste is recycled. Prominent companies in Fort Collins, such as New Belgium and Whole Foods, go to great efforts to recycle.

Look around – we can all be mindful of the waste we toss back into the environment. Think of how many cans – of soda – we drink a year and how much of a difference just tossing those cans into a different bin could make. It's not hard. It's not life changing.

It won't kill you to do it, but it might kill you not to.

Respect that.


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