To the editor:

Nov 142004

This letter is in response to Courtney Harwell's letter on Nov. 11 in the Collegian and to all the numerous post-election whiners. Whining and crying is not going to change the outcome of the election. To say, as Ms. Halwell did, that people should not vote on their moral beliefs is to say that people with moral conviction hold no place in a political discussion. This is the very reason the Democrats lost the election. To marginalize and demean a majority of people in this country will never win over voters. For Hollywood to have continually come out to tell people how they should vote and to suggest that they abandon their foundations in moral grounding did not sway the electorate. It seemingly did the reverse; pissed off the religious right and encouraged them to come out and vote for whom they deemed to be a moral leader. May I remind you, Ms. Harwell, that this country was founded because of religious persecution. Stop patronizing people for their morality and rather put forth a candidate that includes this faction of society and promotes their beliefs, not scrutinizes them. Stop crying in your spilt milk and get out and do something to understand your average moral voter and maybe you'll gain some insights on how to win an election. There must be something our president has done right for 59-plus million people who voted for him. Maybe it's because of the fact that he prays daily for the American people to make good, moral decisions.


Megan Turpin

Senior Speech Communications

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