Nov 142004
Authors: Lauren Mattingly

Food, flags and fun set the tone as many cultures, including Japanese, Indian, Turkish, Israeli and Taiwanese were represented in the 51st annual World Unity Fair Saturday night in the Lory Student Center.

Eighteen unique booths from cultural organizations and community members displayed artifacts, pictures, cultural cuisine and information. The showcases gave participants the opportunity to "travel abroad" outside the realm of Fort Collins.

"Hopefully this event sparks interest in people toward greater world relations," said Shawna Magtutu, program coordinator at the Office of International Programs.

The event kicked off with games and children's activities and proceeded with culturally-symbolic entertainment in the Lory Student Center theatre with various performances including: Armenian dance, Bon Odori dance, Indonesian martial arts and a Celtic band.

Casey Netolicky, a sophomore business major who helped organize the event, stressed the need for diversity awareness at CSU.

"In today's world, it is critical that Americans expand their international horizons to provide a more peaceful world," he said.

Aaron Matzkin, a junior liberal arts major and president of the Students for Cultural History Awareness of Israel attended the World Fest because he wants people to know about the student organization.

"We put information out about technology and current age developments. It is to show kids that Israel is about nothing political," Matzkin said.

CSU is one of several universities that offer a world fest and it is gaining popularity, Magtutu said. From 2002 to 2003, sales at the World Unity Fest increased 25 percent.

"Every year we have a bigger turnout, this year was the biggest yet," Magtutu said. "The world is becoming more global and borders are slowly disappearing. This event is significant because it is fostering those relations around the world."

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