Nov 142004
Authors: Ryan Skeels

Chucky, Chucky, Chucky, what have you done? In the previous Chucky flick, "Bride of Chucky," he got a wife, got her pregnant and the two lovingly killed terrified people hand in hand. They just couldn't resist making this stretched out saga longer could they?

"Seed of Chucky" starts with Chucky's long lost child on stage in Europe as part of a ventriloquist act. After the show he's kickin' back, watching the tube when a commercial for the new "Chucky" movie comes on and he catches a glimpse of the "made in Japan" insignia on the wrists of the dolls. Realizing he has a family he jumps into a trash truck and is flown to Los Angeles, apparently where they ship all the trash, arriving directly at the studio. Pretty crafty kid, huh? After finding his parents, Tiffany and Chucky, he awakes them with the all too familiar chant and starts the next series of toy doll murders.

For the remainder of the movie the couple attempt to transfer their souls into the bodies of Jennifer Tilly and Redman, taking out anyone who steps in the way. That's right, Redman has a leading role in this gem of cinematic wonder. The movie, although unnecessary in an already complete horror series, is quite entertaining and doesn't cease to amaze through its entirety. We even get to see Britney Spears explode and the creepy Mike Waters play the paparazzi. The entire movie is chock-full of profanity, cheesy one-liners and a hilariously funny, yet disturbing version of artificial insemination involving Chucky, a donation cup, Ms. Tilly and a turkey baster. You can put two and two together.

This was Don Mancini's first big screen directorial, but with having written the previous four Child's Play movies, he deserved this one. The casting for "Seed of Chucky" was amazing and Redman couldn't have done a better job playing a movie director. All of the cast's acting was really good, there was top-notch creativity and gore in the death scenes and the directing was well done. The only problem is nothing really happens. It was 87 minutes of nothing really, and they didn't even mention Charles Lee Ray's name. As the killer whose soul inhabits Chucky, you'd think they'd at least mention him, which was a letdown.

All and all, Mancini shouldn't have attempted to extend the Child's Play series, although it was nice to hear Brad Dourif's voice bring Chucky back to life, and it did make for an entertaining Friday evening. Buy your ticket for "Seed of Chucky" if you want to see doll massacres with enough laughs to go around, just don't expect an inspiring plot or much of a scare at all.

2 out of 4

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