To the editor:

Nov 112004

The election has come and gone, leaving a very estranged

country. Half of the people feel like they have been bitterly

slapped in the face, and I too fall under this category. The

majority of the country appears to be eager to ban homosexual

marriage, enforce religious beliefs into the Constitution, take

away a woman’s right to choose and believe G-dub when he says

“there will be no draft.” Aside from these underlying homegrown

issues and the actuality that continuous creation of war will at

some point require the creation of soldiers, there was a huge

reaffirmation broadcast throughout the world by the results of this

election. As if greedy foreign policies, attitudes of manifest

destiny, globalization strategies and a single person’s war

vendetta weren’t enough to make most of the world hate us right

down to the individual person, we have now failed at the chance to

demonstrate that these images and stereotypes were fabricated by a

small percentage of our society – a percentage that before this

election I had never believed to reflect the character of the

individual person. Now, when the television displays extreme

fundamentalist groups directing their unreserved hatred towards

each and every American citizen we can all stand tall together, as

one nation, and understand why.

Cletus Kuhn

Graduate Student, mechanical engineering

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To the editor:

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Nov 112004

Talk about a sore loser, have you looked in the mirror lately?

You don’t see many Democrats writing in and whining like babies

that they can’t handle other people’s opinions! The election was

unfavorable for many people and favorable for some, and while

President George W. Bush has handled some things OK, he has also

neglected many valuable issues involving our country’s well being!

I suggest that if you can’t be a grown up, and respect that other

people have different opinions than your own, that you return to

high school and gain some maturity. Oh, and FYI I’m a registered


Yvonne Brown


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